Oleksii Kalmykov

  • Doctor of Medicine
  • Medical doctor (physician)
  • Supervision of scientific researches
  • Solve medical problems

This is my personal site with personal information “from heart to heart“.

Official data is placed
on corporate resources
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What can I do for you?

Scientific consulting, PR and marketing – for medics and (or) owners of medical business

• deep analysis of literature data;
• competent organization and conduction of your own research;
• correct estimation of obtained data;
• full aprobation and reflection of the results of work in publications;
• rational development of invention and patent registration;
• full presentation of the results in the forms of a report, dissertation, monograph etc.

Training and information support – for medics

• reference and educational information;
• collegial consultations and councils (boards);
• education in the country and abroad;
• employment in the country and abroad;
• attestation, certification;
• medical translations…

Medical consultation – for anyone interested

At your disposal:
• outpatient clinic, day hospital, round-the-clock hospital;
• medical service at the reception, at home and remotely;
• primary health care (family doctor, therapist, pediatrician);
• specialized medical care (12 specialties);
• medical troubleshooting with the solution of any health problems, etc.

Mutual aid and social activities – for everyone interested

My civil initiatives, which I now register as international public organizations
(mutual assistance, social events for popularization, charitable foundation …):
• Medical Science Club – for those engaged in medical science;
• Travelers club – for traveling with meaning and from the heart;
• etc.


Why should we cooperate?

Watch the video – and everything will become clear

Oleksii Kalmykov

therapist of the highest qualification category,
Doctor of Medicine Professor

Founder and head of enterprises:
1) Research Institute of Evidence-based Medicine (RI EBM) and its separate divisions:
– “Medinfoservice” – services for medical professionals;
– “Medical Scientific and Methodological Center” – scientific consulting services in the field of medicine;
– “My Doctor” (project startup) – medical troubleshooting (solution of any medical problems) – medical services in a network of 9 consulting offices of primary health care (therapist, pediatrician, family doctor) and in 1 central clinic of specialized medical care (with 12 medical specialties).

2) touristic company “Tourinfoservice”, “Center of Touristic Services” – goods and services in the field of tourism (with an emphasis on health and medical tourism).

Happy husband and inspirational father of 2 children.

– active tourism;
– bicycle as a lifestyle;
– full contact martial arts;
– academic singing;
– etc.

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