Oleksii Kalmykov

How can Ukrainian businesses get support from 17 billion USD in restoring Ukraine?

the business itself must be ready to receive resources – both implement projects for the development of Ukraine, and demonstrate this readiness so that the Government is interested in attracting business to work and providing it with all the necessary resources.

Volunteering, charity and social activities – as a means of self-development

Today, September 5, is the International Day of Charity.https://www.un.org/en/observances/charity-day I never really imagined myself as a philanthropist.Or rather, I did not think that I would systematically get engaged in volunteering, charity, development and implementation of social projects. Of course, as a doctor in the third generation, I was brought up precisely in the spirit of […]

How to take photos of documents with a mobile phone or tablet camera

place the document on a flat surface of a contrasting color; flatten the document as much as possible and make sure that all significant areas are visible and on the same level; lighting – ideally should be natural diffused (but not direct sunlight), you can try the flash (if the document is not with a […]

“Closed” meeting of Board Kharkiv 2022-06-03

🗣Today at a so-called “closed” meeting of the business-community Board in Kharkiv (@boardkharkiv @board_khrkiv) my following question was discussed. ❓How to effectively raise money for the restoration and (or) development of medical infrastructure of Ukrainian cities –and implement the project: immediately in full – in Uzhhorod (because I am already here physically and everything can […]

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