How to take photos of documents with a mobile phone or tablet camera

place the document on a flat surface of a contrasting color; flatten the document as much as possible and make sure that all significant areas are visible and on the same level; lighting – ideally should be natural diffused (but not direct sunlight), you can try the flash (if the document is not with a […]

“Closed” meeting of Board Kharkiv 2022-06-03

🗣Today at a so-called “closed” meeting of the business-community Board in Kharkiv (@boardkharkiv @board_khrkiv) my following question was discussed. ❓How to effectively raise money for the restoration and (or) development of medical infrastructure of Ukrainian cities –and implement the project: immediately in full – in Uzhhorod (because I am already here physically and everything can […]

Burnout, stress, distress, exhaustion – how to recover? My experience

The situation with a colleague who, working hard and helping others, was exhausted, inspired the following reflections in the post: The main aspects of recovery that are highlighted here: sleep; physical activity; creative activity; food; social ties; etc. There is nothing to look at, you can listen to it as an audio podcast, even with […]

The perfidious attack of the Russian Federation on Ukraine. The War. Business emigration

Today the family woke up because of the cannonade of air defense equipment and a powerful explosion of an enemy aircraft. It has begun… In order to save business, we urgently prepare for its emigration from Ukraine, but rather – the formation of a new one outside of it. In hindsight, we all are smart. […]

Workshop “Cochrane Systematic Reviews: Strong Evidence for Wise Decisions in Medical Education, Science and Practice” December 3, 2021


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