1 month of Medical cluster

Briefly and clearly: The 1st month since the official registration of the Medical Cluster has ended (my reflection).

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Today, January 27, 2023,

it is conditionally 1 month for the Medical Cluster.

It was conceived and operated, of course, much earlier.

And the relevant legal entities are officially registered and entered into the state register:

✅ December 26, 2022 – Charitable Organization “International Charitable Foundation “Fund for the Development of Medical Clusters”,

✅ December 27, 2022 – Non-Governmental Organization “Network of Medical Clusters”.

The medical cluster as conceived and currently implemented is a medical ecosystem that includes the environment and tools for interaction for organizations that are somehow related to healthcare.

At the end of 2022, the medical cluster inherited (included as one of the departments)
the United Medical Volunteer Center (UMVC),

founded earlier in the medical holding “Etalon-Med” (a subsidiary of the investment holding Etalon-Invest https://etalon-invest.com.ua/).

Now and in the future, the medical cluster supports all previous UMVC programs and develops additional ones.

Targeted resources for the implementation of social programs are used mainly for periodic laboratory and instrumental studies, consumables, including.  for operations, remuneration of experts and so on.

For administrative costs, we have a special fund and sources of financing. In rare cases , we allocate a part of the incoming non-targeted funds within the amount established by law.

✅ The main and specialized assistance programs from the Medical Cluster:

  1. Help to children affected by the war (today more than 3000 children, budget from 50 to 2000 USD per month for each):
  2. medical consultations and examination (more than 3000 children);
  3. physical, psychological and social rehabilitation (5 children);
  4. other (if possible, we help thousands of children).
  • Help to wounded soldiers (today more than 50 military people, budget from 200 to 2000 USD per month for each):
  • investigation, treatment, rehabilitation after injuries,
  • occasional consultations;
  • Help to medics and their families (material, relocation, employment, dislocation, etc.) — just have started, several dozens have got this assistance, we develop this program.

✅ sporadically (if possible and on request) – acquisition, equipping, acquisition or consultation:

  • vehicles and brigades of civil and military ambulances (more than 20);
  • first aid kits tactical (countless, probably hundreds);
  • hemostatic (hemostatic) tourniquets (“turnstiles”) tactical (countless, probably thousands);
  • medicines (countless, probably tons);
  • medical supplies (countless, probably tons);
  • medical equipment (more than 20 units – ultrasound, X-ray complex, electroneuromyographs, anesthesia, surgical and other equipment).

In the Medical Cluster we effectively unite and provide the interests of:

  • various medical businesses;
  • “non-business” (communal, departmental, state) organizations;
  • public sector (volunteer, public, charitable organizations);
  • academic (scientific, educational) structures;
  • organizations of various profiles engaged in activities in medicine;
  • territorial communities and authorities both in Ukraine and abroad…

The implementation of programs is carried out by specialists of partner organizations on competitive terms, taking into account competencies, experience, localization features, logistics, etc.

The Medical Cluster, from its side:

  • initiates projects,
  • carries out fundraising (attraction of resources),
  • allocates resources,
  • manages projects,
  • coordinates processes,
  • controls the quality,
  • analyzes the results, etc.

For this purpose, the Medical Cluster has three interrelated departments:

  1. expert council that determines the strategy;
  2. management company that ensures repetitive processes at the tactical level;
  3. executive units performing operational tasks (at the moment – only the United Medical Volunteer Center, other pending).

For me personally, the Medical Cluster is a “project of life”, because here I realize my ambitions in:

  • medical practice;
  • medical science;
  • medical education;
  • medical business;
  • medical social and charitable initiatives.

If the medical field is close to you or at least interesting – contact us in any convenient way, all main contact details are presented on illustrative materials, and are given in the description, comments, links.


Presentation of the Medical Cluster:


Description of the Medical Cluster (draft):


I wish you health and success,

Victory and peace…

Contact me if I can help you in medical sphere or else how.

What do you think about the concept of the Medical Cluster?

Write your opinion (or questions, maybe?) in commentaries, please.

… and also – would you like us to prepare and publish a video on this topic for you?

Wish you have strong health, success, harmony and peace!

Sincerely yours,
Oleksii Kalmykov,

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