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Problems of the medical industry and relevant strategic tasks of the Medical Clusters Network

Insufficient coordination and cooperation: The problem is limited communication and cooperation between different medical institutions, doctors and other stakeholders. The strategic task is the development of a platform or network that promotes active cooperation and information exchange between medical institutions. Lack of innovation: The medical industry needs constant introduction of new technologies, treatment methods and […]

Many thanks to Ukrainian Volunteer Service and all partners!

Thanks to such a wonderful organization as the Ukrainian Volunteer Service (in which he completed training and received a scholarship of UAH 60,000, spending all of it on the implementation of the project “My Conscious Health” — medical humanitarian support for children in Kharkiv Oblast! Special thanks to all partners (BF “Free People — Free […]

Volunteering, charity and social activities – as a means of self-development

Today, September 5, is the International Day of Charity. I never really imagined myself as a philanthropist.Or rather, I did not think that I would systematically get engaged in volunteering, charity, development and implementation of social projects. Of course, as a doctor in the third generation, I was brought up precisely in the spirit of […]

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