Ambulance cars (humanitarian aid) — who needs them?

Who needs an ambulance (currently only cars)?
This is free humanitarian aid from colleagues.

General questions – write in the comments.
Specific – write in personal.

I don’t know what the specific bases and equipment are at the moment. Illustrations – artificially generated to attract attention.

For those who need it, I will forward it directly to a colleague who currently has these cars.

With various medical special transport we perform the following:

  • get,
  • re-supply,
  • fill with useful humanitarian cargo,
  • find volunteer doctors and paramedics.

… and they then help civilians and wounded fighters in “hot” zones.

We periodically receive this and other support from domestic and foreign partners (from just money or medicine to mobile hospital complexes, and we potentially order more up to the reconstruction of medical infrastructure).

Currently, the network of medical clusters carries out:

  1. Various humanitarian programs, the main of which are:
  • for children,
  • for wounded soldiers,
  • for doctors.
  1. A wide range of cooperative and commercial programs in the medical field, mainly with:
  • medical scientific research,
  • medical education,
  • health education.

In the future, we still plan to restore the programs:

  • from direct medical care,
  • from the health care organization,
  • … and more than 30 other directions.

❓If you are interested in information about these and other initiatives and events with the participation of the Network of Medical Clusters, write, we will coordinate.

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