“Closed” meeting of Board Kharkiv 2022-06-03

?Today at a so-called “closed” meeting of the business-community Board in Kharkiv (@boardkharkiv @board_khrkiv) my following question was discussed.

❓How to effectively raise money for the restoration and (or) development of medical infrastructure of Ukrainian cities –
and implement the project:

  • immediately in full – in Uzhhorod (because I am already here physically and everything can be done relatively safely even during the war),
  • in parallel, taking into account the realities – in Kharkiv (because this is my hometown, where we all know each other and it is worth restoring wherever it is safe),
  • and then (with an “overlap” and already more developed model) – throughout the whole country of Ukraine.

❤️Thanks a lot to everyone who joined!

?Everyone made a contribution – and it allowed (in my subjective impression):

  • “sharpen” in the very wording of my question for discussion ?;
  • realize operational, tactical, and even strategic milestones, steps on my Mission, which I continue in spite of circumstances, etc. ?;
  • lead the participants themselves to constructive thoughts about their own affairs ?;
  • leave the aftertaste of “friendly hand” and professional competence ?.

… and someone had a real taste of something delicious ????
(today was a symbolic “day of permissiveness”) ??

Already on the sidelines, quite unexpectedly, I have received specific proposals for cooperation from People and Specialists,
which exactly exceed my expectations and the “bar” I pulled in this project.
Attention and participation of them stimulate by themselves.?

Despite my sometimes harsh judgments (which I broadcast somewhat carelessly),
I once again made sure
how important it is to carefully choose life partners
and how to care about them on the way to a common goal. ?

✅ This applies entirely to both personal and business life – because they are different aspects of a single …

♻️Thank you very much to all of you personally and to the Board in general (@FriendlyBoard, @board.business),
that we have each other!

? The value of this is unsurpassable and unaccountable…

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