How to improve cognitive mental processes (memory, thinking, speech and others)?

Online meeting of Board Medical Club

February, 7, 2023


on the topic:

? Energy of an entrepreneur and corporate health management: a scientific approach.

⁉️ How to improve cognitive mental processes (memory, thinking, speech and others)?

? Exclusively for members of the Board international business community.

?It is useful:

1) personally – for:

– completely healthy people – to support and increase health;

– healthy persons with predispositions to certain diseases – to learn how to stay healthy;

– persons with chronic diseases – so that they do not worsen or become complicated;

– those who have an exacerbation of a chronic disease – to know how to prevent re-exacerbation;

– people with an acute illness – to recover and prevent chronicity of the pathological process.

2) corporately – for:

– owners, partners of organizations;

– providers of health-related goods and services;

– business consultants, business trainers;

– investors;

– entrepreneurs looking for a business “niche”,

– managers specialized in:

— medical (healthcare) service,

— management (routine & project);

— safety (organizational & personal);

— information technologies (development & service);

— production (of goods & services);

— staff (recruiting & HR management);

— communications (marketing & PR);

— sales (b2b, b2c, b2p, b2g);

— quality control (in production & customer satisfaction);

— finances (management & accounting);

— law (legal support & advocacy);

— logistics (Product supply chain);

— other directions.

❓Let’s discuss the following and other questions (based on requests from the Board Medical Club and everyday practice):

1. Questions regarding the topic of the meeting:

1.1. Biological basis;

1.2. Psychophysiological training;

1.3. Pharmacological and instrumental approaches to improving;

1.4. Didactic principles;

1.5. Other.

2. Discussion of accumulated issues of Board members.

    (ask your questions in personal messages or as you prefer).

3. Tricks and wisdom of medicine related to age (real cases).

? Speaker and moderator – Oleksii Kalmykov (, dynasty doctor, doctor of medical sciences (Doctor of Medicine), health mentor, specialist in the organization of medical practice and corporate health management,

Board member,

leader and expert of Board Medical Club.

?Experts on the topic of the meeting (only among Board members!) are invited to join the event as co-speakers.

✍️ To participate in this event, it is enough to be a member of the Board business community.

You can sign up through your Business Board Angel.

Learn more about Board:

If you want to join the Board or ask a personal question, write to me in private:

– in Telegram @kalmykov_info;

– by any links from the website

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