How can Ukrainian businesses get support from 17 billion USD in restoring Ukraine?

Briefly and clearly: first of all, the business itself must be ready to receive resources both implement projects for the development of Ukraine, and demonstrate this readiness so that the Government is interested in attracting business to work and providing it with all the necessary resources.

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«… Ukraine’s recovery program will be the largest reconstruction project since World War II. The government has already identified 4 key sources of its funding … As of now, the total amount for recovery from already understandable sources is about UAH 110 billion. In total, this year Ukraine expects to receive $ 17 billion or UAH 680 billion for the priority restoration of damaged and destroyed property,” said Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal during a Government meeting on January 10 [].

In a behind-the-scenes discussion with entrepreneurs, the question arose about whether the business would have access to this money.

I believe that just like that, no one will have anything directly.

I am sure that in order for a particular business to directly receive something from this “pie”, there must be a sense to allocate resources to him.

Let’s conditionally reject the corruption option (although there should be formal signs for it).

In my experience, in order for a business to receive at least a penny, both an enterprise (or a group of companies) and a specific project must meet certain criteria.

Here are 3 examples from each group, and there are dozens of them in the criterion lists (at least in the ones I know).

1. Absolute criteria:

1.1. The business is known (or at least it was easy to learn everything about it from independent sources),

1.2. The reputation is impeccable (or at least good),

1.3. The experience of practical implementation of specialized projects is sufficient (or at least nominally all prerequisites are provided if there is no experience);

2. Relative criteria:

2.1. Full legality (or at least in terms of taxes and employment),

2.2. The ability to effectively assimilate the resources provided (or at least understand how to ensure it),

2.3. Perspective, scalability (or at least potential ability to do so).

Experts in grant writing, fundraising, etc. are knowledgeable about these issues.

For example, regarding the attraction of resources from the state and funds, my colleagues and I studied or took consulting in Ukraine, from such specialists as:

  • Ruslan Kraplych,
  • Svetlana Oleynikova,
  • Mariana Kobelya,
  • Eugene Luksha,
  • Lyudmila Gulyaeva,
  • Natalia Shvets
  • etc.

Although the grants, even though these other sources of funding are mentioned, the basic criteria for providing resources are the same.

Finally, those individuals who make decisions, no matter how corrupt or crystal honest they are, need performers.

Who thinks that his business is already 100% ready to receive resources and implement projects – please let me know.

Because especially for this purpose he himself and in partnership created several teams of fundraisers — and we often come across offers that we do not need (we do not meet the requirements or are not able to simply), I would share with those who are ready.

And as for the corruption option, some of the representatives of decision-makers, in a personal conversation with longing in their eyes, say the following.

They are in exactly the same position – they want to “delay” something for the territorial community entrusted to them, but they must meet certain criteria, among which one of the outstanding places is occupied by the contractor, the contractor.

At least, they already “kickbacks” do not so much want to attract the flow of resources to the region (city, district, etc.) and effectively master them.

If they don’t get it and master it now, next time it will be harder, because they have their own competition between regions, city and region, individual settlements, etc.

Conversely, when there is already an experience of successful implementation of projects, the chances for them increase.

All the worthy representatives of the authorities and territorial communities known to me unanimously say that there are not enough normal performers (in particular, private enterprises) in principle, even formally submit no one, even if affiliated, although not.

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What do you think about how can Ukrainian businesses get support from 17 billion USD in restoring Ukraine?

Write your opinion (or questions, maybe?) in commentaries, please.

… and also – would you like us to prepare and publish a video on this topic for you?

Wish you have strong health, success, harmony and peace!

… and power and money for all this ?

Sincerely yours,
Oleksii Kalmykov,

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