Personal assistant vacancy

Hello, my name is Oleksii Kalmykov (, I am entrepreneur, doctor, researcher, teacher and tourist.

I kindly invite you to the position of my personal assistant. You – a person who, at least like me, is passionate about medicine and science, preferably a medic by a call of the heart and education (even a student without work experience, if only we understand each other well on the main issues, and I will teach the rest everything that is necessary, or we will learn together).

I am looking for colleagues for this and other vacancies with PATIENCE, CARE and RESPECT

(if at least one of them does NOT fit you, then no need to read the rest at all):

+ decency (no, even so: decency!);

+ striving for self-development and the ability to do this (and this is not an empty phrase, we develop very intensively, we learn – we have to keep up with each other);

+ medical education and interest (rather even passion) in medicine, science;

+ proficiency in English at the B1 level or higher (further we can “pull up” on our English courses and in the ITEP test center For instance, if you manage to find the mistakes in this test (the whole of it), please let us know – what exactly and how it should be properly.

If you are sure that these criteria are characteristic of you, do not waste your time and contact me right now (!

Of course, it’s good if you have specialized experience – then we will agree on special terms of cooperation.

Have you reached this reading? Then – I’ll tell you further :).


Initially, you and I will coordinate the medical project “Medinfoservice” (as one of the departments of the Research Institute of Evidence-Based Medicine), in which we help the medical business and medical colleagues to develop. We provide business consulting, business engineering, coaching, scientific PR and marketing, etc., and everything is based on scientific methodology and principles of evidence-based medicine.

Your focus and competence in medicine are important precisely because in the end we ensure the healthy well-being of the final beneficiary, the very people who wants to either preserve and increase their health, or return it (and perhaps at least improve).

Later, perhaps, I will offer cooperation in our other medical and tourism projects (“Research Institute of Evidence-Based Medicine”, the Association of Evidence-Based Medicine, the network of consulting offices and the clinic “My Doctor”, the travel company “TourInfoService”, etc.).


The main one is the fulfillment of my personal orders, including but not limited to such actions as:

+ improve much and effectively learn and master new skills (independently, mutually with colleagues and corporately) ~ 37 %;

+ analyze the market for medical, scientific and business services ~ 12 %;

+ control the quality of our service ~ 29 %,

+ evaluate the adequacy of marketing ~ 12 %,

+ help in events organizing ~ 5 %,

+ other routine activities ~ 5 %,

+ own initiatives ~ 33 %.

Do you like? If you are sure that “yes” – contact me right now (!


Working place:

+ either in the office (Ukraine, Kharkiv or Uzhhorod),

+ or at your location (remotely).

It is possible to organize a workplace in other locations or as mobile version (laptop etc.).

The level of salary is negotiated individually, there is a base rate and a bonus.

For the period of the traineeship, individual conditions of remuneration are established, based on the real capabilities of the trainee.

Maintenance of activities

We provide each new full-time employee with:

• workplace (computer, communication facilities, access to databases, etc.);

• educational materials for self-development;

• an experienced colleague-curator for the adaptation period.

For freelancers – individually by agreement.

We provide prospective job candidates with an intensive training opportunity.

This knowledge, skills and abilities will stay with you forever!

As your competencies grow, I am pleased to offer my personal assistant various positions in the enterprises that I own, up to direct partnership.

Want to? Write through the feedback form ( or in other convenient ways!

For medical students!

Your practice on the basis of our enterprises is an excellent option for students studying in medical specialties.

At the moment, an agreement has been concluded with V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, from where since 2018 students regularly come,

as well as privately – from various universities in Ukraine and neighboring countries, as well as foreign students, especially those with an English-speaking form of study.

When needed, we will conclude an agreement with your university as well. Remuneration for labor during the student’s practice is agreed individually.

Just imagine: we supply for you –

  • continuous development;
  • convenient and practical workplace or the possibility of remote work;
  • official employment and so on.

… and we expect collaboration “from the heart” from you mutually.

Do you want? Write to us!

Please see us in detail at

and follow the links from it in order to effectively act in the future.

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