The perfidious attack of the ruscist (rashist, russist) federation on Ukraine. The full-scale War. Business emigration

Today the family woke up because of the cannonade of air defense equipment and a powerful explosion of an enemy aircraft.

It has begun…

In order to save business, we urgently prepare for its emigration from Ukraine, but rather – the formation of a new one outside of it.

In hindsight, we all are smart. Now it seems that this danger has always been felt; I understood that the games of the northern neighbor would not end in anything good. And I even definitely spoke about this to my partners. But everything seemed to work…

We have resumed negotiations with the mentor about it.

We are considering two options in countries with good infrastructure:

  1. Submission of our medical IT project (online medical support service) to implement a business start-up, receive a grant, participate in an accelerator, etc.;
  2. Formation of a new or acquisition of an existing legal entity – and the implementation of our business project in a foreign jurisdiction.

More about the war.

I can’t believe it.

It seems that this is a performance, but people die for real.
And the destruction is real too.

Three Russian tanks were knocked out near us.

As an anecdote:

I have been consulting a client from Uzbekistan (on his medical business aspects), for about half an hour already.

All of a sudden, a growing rumble is heard. And I’m in headphones, in Zoom – I’m looking for the causes and source of interference in anything and from anywhere, except of anything out of the window.

When the floor was already shaking, I realized my mistake and told the client:
“Let’s take a break, shall I move to another room for a while?”

Client (dissatisfied, bewildered): “But why doesn’t it suit us, do we have quite a bit left to finish?”.

And I told him: “We will stop now, then we will finish, and I will definitely tell you the reason.”

Interrupted, finished, told.

The colleague is shocked.

I feel like I’ll have to move to the cellar as to the office …

I taught military field therapy for many years, but I had no practical experience at all.

And now, right on myself and loved ones, I felt what real modern military technologies are.

When a second ago there was a clear sky, a pleasant frost, silence, and now everything rumbles and shakes, burns …

While writing – the fourth tank was knocked out.

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