Training in project management

Briefly and clearly: who wants to learn project management and work with medical projects in the Medical Cluster – join the training

If you know anyone who might be interested in this, let them know about this opportunity, and tell me about these people so that we can contact each other promptly.

[Approximate reading time of this publication – from 5 minutes]

Colleague, welcome! 

For the needs of the Medical Cluster, I intend to send my person to this training:

If there are people who want to join by themselves or know such people (provided that they could join our team), please let me know by March 3 (Friday), 20:00.

Most likely, we are interested in the “Fundraiser” tariff.

You can see Ruslan, his Product and style of teaching and mentoring with your own eyes on his channel:

Personally, I am grateful to Ruslan for:

  • personal and corporate mentoring for the Medical Cluster (this is invaluable, priceless),

The most tangible measurable result of our interaction with Ruslan was:

  • understanding that fundraising is not limited to single grants;
    • expansion of our fundraising activities by 5 types of resources (financial, material, technological, informational, personnel);
    • description of dozens of principles and hundreds of ways of fundraising (and already applying some of them);
    • attracted resources in the equivalent of several hundred thousand USD;
    • other (so far not subject to publicity and concerns the implementation of useful projects on partnership terms).

I connect with Ruslan the prospects for the development of the Medical Cluster and “subsidiary” projects.

Contact me if I can help you or collaborate in any way.

What do you think about project management in medicine?

Write your opinion (or questions, maybe?) in commentaries, please.

Wish you have inspiration and consistency (and health enough for all this ?)!

Sincerely yours,
Oleksii Kalmykov,

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