Services from the state government, the introduction or improvement of which will cause the greatest benefit to the medical industry, and the corresponding strategic objectives of the Medical Clusters Network

  • Development of the electronic medical system: The introduction of modern information technologies in the medical field will improve the exchange of medical information, provide quick access to medical data, facilitate the coordination of treatment and improve the efficiency of medical institutions.
  • Ensuring access to quality medical education: The state can invest in the development of medical universities and institutes, create training programs for medical workers, provide access to modern educational materials and resources for students and doctors.
  • Funding of scientific research and innovation: The state can promote the development of medical research, provide grants and funding for conducting clinical trials, introducing new technologies and treatment methods. This will help expand medical opportunities and improve the quality of medical care.
  • Development of medical tourism: The state can create favorable infrastructure and legal conditions for the development of medical tourism. This will attract foreign patients, attract investments in the medical industry, and contribute to increasing the prestige of Ukrainian medicine.
  • Regulation of the quality of medical services: The state can develop and implement mechanisms for monitoring the quality of medical services, establish standards and recommendations that will ensure high-quality and safe provision of medical care.
  • Creation of a favorable investment climate: The state can create special conditions for the attractiveness of investments in the medical industry, in particular, by reducing the tax burden, simplifying registration procedures and opening medical facilities.
  • Development of social security: The state can create social security programs for medical workers, provide them with social and medical support, which will contribute to the preservation of specialists in the field and the attraction of new personnel.
  • Implementation of an effective system of licensing and certification: The state can develop and implement an effective system of licensing and certification of medical institutions, which will ensure high standards of quality and safety of medical services.
  • Regulation of the pharmaceutical sector: The state can develop and implement a system of quality and safety control of medicines, ensure reasonable pricing of medicines and stimulate the development and production of its own pharmaceuticals.
  • Development of the medical education sector: The state can promote the development of medical educational institutions, create conditions for improving the qualifications of medical workers, attract international experts and teachers to improve the level of medical education and practice.

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