Statistics for a medical thesis is better to calculate and describe “as it is correct” or “as usually”?

The following question arise in real practice of scientific work in a not enough experienced researcher: should the statistics on a medical dissertation be calculated and described “as it is correct” or “as usually”?

  1. To be honest, it is only necessary to calculate and describe statistics based on the data of medical research, including the dissertation, correctly (contact us – we will teach you how).
    And prepare the “raw” data so that any other researcher in the world can use it (it’s very simple, write to us – we’ll send an Excel file template where everything is already made).

Thus, your work will have a chance to perform a positive impact on the development of medical technologies for diagnosis, treatment, prevention.

  1. If the data is not true (or you are at least somewhat unsure of its accuracy), if falsification or fabrication of data was committed, it is better not to publish it at all. And if you have to publish – then do it in the worst possible way.
    In other words, in this case it is better to calculate and describe “as usually” (“anyhow”, “as someone said”, etc.).

Then it will be easier for specialists to determine that the corresponding publication is a “slag”, they will filter it out, will not take it into account when developing standards of medical care, and there will be less risk of a potential negative impact on medical decisions.

Contact us, we will help you to formulate the description so that “both the wolves are fed and the sheep are safe” – that is so that everything would be “dissertationable”, and chances of a disorienting influence on real medical practice and theory would be reduced.

Any questions?

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