The role of local self-government in the activities of the medical industry and the corresponding strategic tasks of the Medical Clusters Network

  • Development of infrastructure: Local self-government can develop medical infrastructure on its territory, ensuring the construction and modernization of medical facilities, laboratories, dispensaries and other medical facilities.
  • Financial support: Local self-government bodies can allocate financial resources for the development of the medical industry in their territory, providing financing for the purchase of medical equipment, drugs, salaries of medical personnel and other needs.
  • Organization of medical services: Local self-government can organize and coordinate the provision of medical services in its territory, ensuring the availability and quality of medical care for residents.
  • Development of medical tourism: Local governments can promote the development of medical tourism by promoting their territory as a center for high-quality medical care and attracting foreign patients.
  • Support for medical education: Local governments can promote the development of medical education in their territory by providing support for medical schools, scholarships for students and advanced training of medical personnel.
  • Preventive programs and health care: Local self-government can develop and implement preventive programs and initiatives in order to increase the level of public health, reduce morbidity and promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • Cooperation with medical clusters: Local governments can establish partnerships with medical clusters and facilitate their cooperation, exchange of experience, resources and innovative developments.
  • Support for medical research: Local governments can support medical research in their territory by funding scientific projects and stimulating the development of a scientific base in the medical field.
  • Information support: Local governments can provide information support for health services and programs by disseminating information about availability, quality and innovations in health care.
  • Participation in the development of health strategies: Local governments can participate in the development of health strategies at the regional and local levels, collaborating with medical organizations, experts and the public to improve the health care system in their region.

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