Volunteering, charity and social activities – as a means of self-development

Today, September 5, is the International Day of Charity.

I never really imagined myself as a philanthropist.
Or rather, I did not think that I would systematically get engaged in volunteering, charity, development and implementation of social projects.

Of course, as a doctor in the third generation, I was brought up precisely in the spirit of helping (serving?) others.
Somehow, without realizing why, I always strive to help (both in life and especially in the medical field), not expecting an immediate reward.
Not always adequately (something like: “to catch up – and force good” or “at any cost”, even to the detriment of myself and relatives), but always with a sincere desire to help.

And along my way, different things happened.

Many, first of all, do not value their own saved or restored life, improved health.
As a result, they do not feel any special gratitude,
no desire to make an effort and help to their own.
And sometimes they can’t even accept help normally, hating or not caring about… not even me, but their own life and health…

For years I have been thinking about what’s for I live (what is the Mission, Calling, etc.). At different times I found slightly different answers – and at the moment Care and Help are in priority.

For all of us, the war especially “tested the strength” of the Way chosen by each of us.
Someone has chosen the Ways of Fighter, Guardian, Leader, Mercy, etc.,
and someone – and blackmail, collections, threats, betrayal, etc.

My volunteering, charity and social activities have become for me an ethical means of self-knowledge, self-development and self-improvement.
On this way, I have met the most amazing people, with whom I would hardly even have crossed paths under other conditions… And now we are here – shoulder-to-shoulder!

Thank you, all my personal and our corporate (with “Association of Humanitarian Centers”) partners, mentors, colleagues!..

Happy holiday, happy International Day of Charity!

What does charity mean to you, what is its role in your life?

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