The role of small and medium businesses in the medical industry and the corresponding strategic tasks of the Medical Clusters Network

Innovative solutions: Small and medium-sized businesses can offer innovative technologies, devices and services to improve medical diagnosis, treatment and patient care. Local accessibility: Small and medium-sized businesses can establish health facilities and service centers at the local level, providing the population with affordable and quality health services without the need to travel to large medical […]

The role of big business in the medical industry and the corresponding strategic objectives of the Medical Clusters Network

Investments in infrastructure: Large businesses can invest in the construction and modernization of medical facilities, the creation of modern infrastructure and the improvement of conditions for the provision of medical services. Development of medical technology: Large businesses can attract and develop advanced medical technology, contributing to the implementation of the latest methods of diagnosis, treatment […]

The role of the state government in the medical field and the corresponding strategic tasks of the Medical Clusters Network

Regulator: The state plays the role of regulator in the medical industry, setting standards, rules and policies that govern the functioning of medical facilities. The strategic task is to develop and implement an effective regulatory policy that will promote the quality and availability of medical services. Financing: The state should play the role of financier, […]

Problems of the medical industry and relevant strategic tasks of the Medical Clusters Network

Insufficient coordination and cooperation: The problem is limited communication and cooperation between different medical institutions, doctors and other stakeholders. The strategic task is the development of a platform or network that promotes active cooperation and information exchange between medical institutions. Lack of innovation: The medical industry needs constant introduction of new technologies, treatment methods and […]

Regarding the priority areas of development of science and technology and innovative activities at the Research Institute of Evidence-Based Medicine and the Medical Clusters Network


Training in project management

Briefly and clearly: who wants to learn project management and work with medical projects in the Medical Cluster – join the training https://www.fundraising.org.ua/p/100_25.html. If you know anyone who might be interested in this, let them know about this opportunity, and tell me about these people so that we can contact each other promptly. [Approximate reading […]

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