Workshop “Cochrane Systematic Reviews: Strong Evidence for Wise Decisions in Medical Education, Science and Practice” December 3, 2021


5 rules for confronting new strains of coronavirus

Briefly and clearly: the following simple safety rules will reduce risks: 1) competence; 2) collective prevention; 3) masks; 4) lifestyle; 5) vaccination. [Approximate reading time of this publication – from 5 minutes] Greetings! The time of the year spoiled by illness is a mere trifle compared to disability or even death from the consequences of […]

10 ways to live “forever”

Briefly and clearly: among the various ways to ensure longevity and even immortality of people in a scientific way, the following 10 options can be conditionally distinguished: 1) cryonics; 2) early diagnosis and prediction of aging with an individualized life plan; 3) genetic modification of the human body; 4) regenerative technologies; 5) cloning; 6) nanotechnology; […]

“Health Technologies” – my new media project

Briefly and clearly: in the “Health Technologies” media project — exciting talks about important things: news from the world of practical and scientific medicine; modern technologies in health care; actual theoretical and philosophical concepts; medical business; evidence-based medicine; investments in the medical industry; people well being in the modern world and the future … and […]

5 steps to take if COVID-19 vaccination data is lost or incorrect

Briefly and clearly: 1. Call the hotline by phone 0800 60 20 19 (in Ukraine) . 2. With a document confirming the fact of vaccination, contact the place where the vaccination was performed. 3. If it was not possible to resolve the issue — you or your request will be sent to the central authority. […]

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