How to take photos of documents with a mobile phone or tablet camera

  • place the document on a flat surface of a contrasting color;
  • flatten the document as much as possible and make sure that all significant areas are visible and on the same level;
  • lighting – ideally should be natural diffused (but not direct sunlight), you can try the flash (if the document is not with a glossy surface), but most likely it is better to turn the flash off;
  • ensure the cleanliness of the optical system of the camera(s);
  • camera mode – macro shooting (it is easier to ensure sharpness), it is better to turn off additional filters and effects;
  • you can use the option to save photographed images in the cloud storage
  • place the camera lens over the center of the document;
  • hold the phone case over the document in parallel;
  • make sure that all significant parts of the document are in the frame, there are no interferences and the camera program has correctly oriented (rotated) the image;
  • check the focus and adjust it (by touching the image of the document on the screen) if autofocus does not work.

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