5 rules for confronting new strains of coronavirus

Briefly and clearly: the following simple safety rules will reduce risks: 1) competence; 2) collective prevention; 3) masks; 4) lifestyle; 5) vaccination.

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The time of the year spoiled by illness is a mere trifle compared to disability or even death from the consequences of coronavirus infection (COVID-19). In autumn, winter and especially in spring, conditions are created that especially predispose to the emergence and spread of any viral infection transmitted by airborne droplets.

The original (“Wuhan”) strain was not enough for us – several more, “lambda”, “delta” and others, emerged and spread. Their principal danger lies in the greater severity of the course of the infection and the lower effectiveness of vaccines.

A gloomy prospect if the possibility of avoiding death is at stake – for you and for your loved ones – but this is our reality.

The following simple safety rules will help mitigate the risks.

1. Competence. Stay up to date with the latest coronavirus-related events. In doing so, use reliable sources of information (official publications of international and local competent authorities, and the like). It is good if you have a trusted competent specialist (doctor, microbiologist). Messages in non-professional media are not a reason to trust them, but rather a reason to check them.

2. Collective prevention. Be aware of local government and healthcare guidelines regarding quarantine measures and follow them deliberately. At the same time, show adequacy and, within reasonable limits, go overboard rather than put yourself or your loved ones at risk. The main point of quarantine, lockdown, social distancing, ventilation, disinfection is to reduce the frequency and proximity of human contact, as well as the magnitude of the microbial load (the number of viral bodies in a unit of air volume) and thereby reduce the likelihood of both getting sick and transmitting the infection to another.

3. Masks, when used correctly, can significantly reduce both the likelihood of getting coronavirus on the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract (and only there it can “settle”), and the microbial load. Unfortunately, most of the masks actually used in everyday life are either not effective at all (if not of high quality or not used correctly), or do not provide reliable filtration. If you want real protection – use quality products and the right way.

4. Lifestyle. Whenever possible, you should avoid close contact with other people, stay in a closed and / or poorly ventilated room. In all these cases, the microbial load increases significantly – and in some cases, practically no mask will save you. Choose secluded travel or walking instead of using public transportation, and telecommuting – frequent travel and extended indoor stays with other people. At the same time, lead the most active lifestyle, coupled with a rational diet and a harmonious balance of work and rest, this will strengthen, temper the body, significantly reducing the likelihood of infection and a severe course of infection.

5. Vaccination. Go through it with all the people around you. Contrary to the arguments of opponents of vaccination against COVID-19, at the moment, even against new strains, this is the most reliable and humane way to avoid: 1) a severe course of infection, 2) the spread of infection among people, 3) the formation of new resistant strains of the virus.

The most realistic risk of complications of vaccination itself is tens and hundreds of times lower than the risk of severe consequences of infection in an unvaccinated person, and the severity of post-vaccination complications is potentially lower than with COVID-19.

If you are still afraid of complications – play it safe: get examined and get advice from a competent trusted doctor. At the same time, agree with him that over the next 1-2 months he will prosecute you, make sure that at the slightest manifestations of possible complications, he will react in time and correctly. All known complications of any vaccine can be effectively treated early.

Remember that immunity after vaccination is formed within several weeks and months, follow preventive measures!

Sixth, “bonus” ? rule – enlist the support of a competent doctor. Agree with him about the possibility and format of consultations (as an option, remotely). Alternatively, you can additionally take out insurance that covers the treatment of COVID-19 and its consequences.

You can take advantage of advice on all medical issues, including COVID-19, by contacting the My Doctor online clinic or to me personally (http://kalmykov.info).

Be healthy and responsible!

Contact me if I can help you in medical sphere or else how.

What do you think about ways to counter new strains of coronavirus?

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Wish you have strong health, success, harmony and peace!

Sincerely yours,
Oleksii Kalmykov,

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