5 steps to take if COVID-19 vaccination data is lost or incorrect

Briefly and clearly:

1. Call the hotline by phone 0800 60 20 19 (in Ukraine) .

2. With a document confirming the fact of vaccination, contact the place where the vaccination was performed.

3. If it was not possible to resolve the issue — you or your request will be sent to the central authority.

4. Wait and track the data on vaccination through the “Diya” (Ukr. “Дія”) service or the doctor with whom the declaration was formalized.

5. If everything is right — formalize a printed version of the certificate. If the issue is not resolved — either repeat all of the above from the beginning, or contact specialized lawyers.

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Vaccination is one of the most effective means of preventing the severe course, complications and spread of coronavirus infection, the incidence of which is gaining momentum throughout the country (COVID-19).

The state has provided free vaccination with drugs from leading manufacturers of the world, stationary and mobile vaccination points have been created, an automatic accounting infrastructure has been developed – just choose what you want to vaccinate, where it is more convenient for you, and then a vaccination certificate can be obtained either from the Diya (Ukr. “Дія”) service or from a doctor, with who have issued a declaration for primary health care.

However, as the ancient Romans argued, humanum errare est, that is, it is human nature to make mistakes. Medical workers involved in vaccination experience an insane overload – when registering for vaccination, annoying data entry errors inevitably occur, which lead to the fact that information about someone’s vaccination is ultimately not posted or is incorrectly placed in the appropriate database.

What should you do if you did everything right, and then found that there is no information in the centralized database about your vaccination against COVID-19 and you cannot issue the appropriate certificate?

The combinations are very different – either the information is completely absent, or partially, or it is distorted, and the like.

The first step is to contact the hotline of the contact center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on COVID-19 by calling 0800 60 20 19 and inform about the circumstances of the situation.

Be prepared to provide basic information about yourself (so that you can be searched for in the database), the date, time and place of vaccination. You will be asked about other circumstances – and they will take conditional 3 working days to resolve the issue.

Ask for the details of your appeal – for example, the unique number that is assigned to it, in order to use this information on occasion, if you have to contact the structures of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on this issue in the future.

Second step. If you have a document confirming the fact of vaccination, and this information is not included in the centralized database, you can contact the point where you received the vaccination (if it is still working and it is convenient for you to get to it).

Ideally, all documents are stored here, in particular, questionnaires and accounting journals, according to which the employees of the point can update the information in the database.

Third step. It is possible that either the vaccination point where you were vaccinated no longer exists, or the necessary documentation is not there, or the access rights to the database are not enough – then you or your request will be sent to the central authority. In any case, if you did the vaccination officially, the relevant documents (questionnaires, entries in journals) exist and will be stored for a long time, which means that they can be found and the information in the database updated.

The fourth step is to wait. Data recovery will take some time, because formally only those persons who had the primary right to enter information can help in a situation related to data entry errors. You can track whether your vaccination data has appeared through the Diya service or through the primary care physician with whom the declaration was drawn up (he is also the one who draws up the printed version of the vaccination certificate).

The fifth step – if the information about you in the database has been updated, issue a certificate. If the issue is not resolved, and you really need to document your vaccination, further steps – either repeat all of the above from the beginning, or contact specialized lawyers and already deal with the situation with them.

In no case should you vaccinate again after a short period of time just because your data was temporarily not found – this can be dangerous for your health! But in six months or a year – perhaps it will be a good choice, just consult with your trusted doctor before this!

Contact me if I can help you in medical sphere or else how.

What do you think about what to do if COVID-19 vaccination data is lost or incorrect?

Write your opinion (or questions, maybe?) in commentaries, please.

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Wish you have strong health, success, harmony and peace!

Sincerely yours,
Oleksii Kalmykov,

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