Trends of space medicine

Briefly and clearly: the trends of space medicine are connected, on the one hand, with the realities of our ordinary, “earth” medicine, on the other hand, with the specifics of the space environment and other planets.

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Here are a few trends in space medicine (please share your thoughts on them):

1. Studying the impact of the space environment on the human body and developing measures to ensure health (somatic – by systems, genetics, specialties; mental – by functions; social – by aspects, spheres).

2. Research of the relationship between the influence of space factors, the microbiome of the body and the general health of cosmonauts – and correction.

3. Development of methods and technologies to improve medical safety and operational efficiency of space missions.

4. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze medical data obtained in space.

5. Development of new methods of diagnosis and treatment of diseases arising in space.

6. Development of new methods of medical diagnosis and treatment in space expeditions with limited resources.

7. Development of technologies for preparing physiological food in space.

8. Medical support for the use of microwave technology for food preparation and storage in space.

9. Taking into account the medical needs of cosmonauts in the development of new materials and technologies used in space vehicles, stations, etc.

10. Development of methods and technologies to ensure quality sleep of cosmonauts in space.

11. Development of new methods and technologies for monitoring the health (medical telemetry) of cosmonauts in real time.

12. Development and use of virtual reality and other innovative technologies to support the psychological health of cosmonauts.

13. Development of methods and technologies to ensure medical safety when leaving a spacecraft on the surface of other planets.

14. Development of new methods of diagnosis and treatment of space asthenia.

15. Development of microsurgery methods for complex operations in space.

16. Development of new methods of flight medical safety and emergency evacuation of astronauts in case of accidents.

17. Development of new materials and technologies for creating prostheses and implants for cosmonauts.

18. Development of methods of medical safety and efficiency of space transport for space missions.

19. Development of methods for ensuring the safety and efficiency of medical robots in space missions.

20. Development of new methods of diagnosis and treatment of diseases arising as a result of long-term stay in space.

21. Development of technologies and equipment for the creation of closed ecosystems to support the life of astronauts in space.

22. Development of technologies and methods for the production and storage of drugs and medical preparations in space.

23. Etc.

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What do you think about trends of space medicine?

Write your opinion (or questions, maybe?) in commentaries, please.

Wish you have inspiration and consistency (and health enough for all this ?)!

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