What educational platforms do you like most of all?

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Colleague, welcome! 

I have got an experience of using more than 20 educational platforms in my life, probably.

Among English-medium I like:

https://classroom.google.com/ — a free educational platform from Google;

https://moodle.org/ — a free educational platform (you need to install it on your hosting).

In all these systems, it is quite convenient to work from mobile devices, while I do this both through the browser and using mobile applications.

Since 2009, I have been teaching the methodology of scientific research in medicine, scientific PR, helping to develop certain skills — both integral parts of scientific work and related ones.

The courses have different names — from the figurative “Kamasutra for a PhD student” to the academic “Methodology of scientific research in medicine.”

Contact me if I can help you or collaborate in any way.

And what educational platforms do you like?

Write your opinion (or questions, maybe?) in commentaries, please.

Wish you have inspiration and consistency (and health enough for all this ?)!

Sincerely yours,
Oleksii Kalmykov,

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