Where is better to publish a medical monograph?

[Approximate reading time of this publication – from 2 minutes]

Colleague, welcome! 

The preliminary plan is to publish about 6 monographs in plastic surgery by the end of the year, and several more on other topics, if they manage to be approved at the prepress stage.

I am looking for a profile partner for cooperation in the publication of medical data (monographs, manuals, collections of scientific papers).

Since 2009 I have been doing with my colleagues:

– medical research,

– writing dissertations, monographs based on the results,

– development of guidelines, protocols,

– compilation of textbooks etc.

Contact me if I can help you or collaborate in any way.

And what publishing house(s) do you like?

Write your opinion (or questions, maybe?) in commentaries, please.

Wish you have inspiration and consistency (and health enough for all this ?)!

Sincerely yours,
Oleksii Kalmykov,

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